Firmware update R412 - details

Marshall London Update: David


What's New?

2016 is now behind us and we have done a lot of work in the background to make sure we can bring out more firmware updates faster to your London.  Thank you again for your patience & choosing the most rock&roll phone on the planet.

We have added features requested by users as well as fixed most of the top-5 annoying bugs reported by owners.

1. 5MB email attachment limit has been increased to 20MB.

2. latest google services supported.

3. you can now restart your phone from the power menu

4. Updated Equalizer service

5. bug-fix: Location icon would display in notification bar even if disabled.

6. bug-fix: incorrect suffix in clock widget.

7. bug-fix: Network traffic icon alignment when active

8. Bug-fix: lag in volume adjustment

9. Google Security updates to January 2017

10. 'Quadrooter' security exploit protection

11. Outdated 'Android tips' widget removed


Please remember to contact to assist you with any questions or support issues. 

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