Firmware update R313 November 2015

It is possible that some users will experience an issue when attempting to update their London to the latest Firmware (R313).

Before doing anything, please retry doing the update manually from your phone  


How to determine if the update was successful?

If the update was successful, the Phone version will  reported as R313.

If the update was not successful, the Phone will crash during the update and reboot to the last updated version, either R183 or R193.

To determine what version of firmware your Phone is running, enter the settings menu:

> scroll down and select about phone

> scroll down to build number. And example of a build number is KB15_1_R193_1500819 and the R193 indicates the Firmware version your phone is using.


If the update is unsuccessful, please follow the following steps to successfully complete the update to Firmware R313.

1.  Open the File Explorer

2.   Select Folder


3.  Select Phone Storage


4. Look for __FUMO file


5.  Select the __FUMO file by long pressing and press delete


6.  Select Okay to delete the file


7. Check that __FUMO file is deleted


8.  Go to Software Manager


9.  Check for new updates and press okay


10.  Start the update process again.



If you have any further questions or comments, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the support team via the live chat option in the lower right hand corner of your screen or by email,  

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