Firmware update R313 - details

The Billy update contains the following:

- Improved tunings for main camera applied. Auto-focus and light-balance improved.

- exFAT supported. Now you can use your 128GB cards and store files larger than 3GB.

- The custom DJ app, EDJing for Marshall is now fully functional and pre-queue is available.

- Multi-channel audio API now enabled - allows recording & output of discreet channels on audio jacks.

- FLAC file information is now correctly displayed.

- Rockabilly Bros have now been updated to the final release. Some of you got stuck at level 4.

- Volume control issues between audio jack 1 & 2 have been resolved.

- Speaker EQ tunings improved.

- Translations have been improved.

- Headset notifications simplified.

- Bluetooth device search improved.

- Vibration when switching from silent to normal and vice versa when long-pressing the volume wheel.

- Equalizer normalisation improved.

- Videos application has been added.

- Touch-screen firmware optimised for better in-car use.

- Waking the phone via M-Button can now be enabled / disabled in settings.

- Updated Stagefright and security patches applied.

- Email app crashing when opening certain attachments fixed.

- Exchange Server 2013 compatibility issues fixed.

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